Our Machine on

'American Pickers'

In April 2014, the popular TV show, 'American Pickers', contacted us while searching for a picture of a trade stimulator. They requested to use the picture of our Mills Bell Boy from this website in one of the upcoming episodes. On June 11, 2014, the 'American Pickers' episode, "Shock Value", was aired with the picture of our machine! At around the 15 minute mark, the Bell Boy was shown for a few seconds while Mike and Frank talked about trade stimulators. 
To top it off, we were credited in the end. As the Picker crew was driving down the road during the credits, the website title was shown in the bottom right corner. It was very exciting to see one of the pictures from our small website to appear on national TV!

If you want to view the original image from our site, click HERE

If you would like to see the full episode of 'American Pickers', click the following link. American Pickers Episode